Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be generally classified as either traumatic or overuse injuries.

Traumatic injuries account for most injuries in contact sports such as rugby and because of the dynamic and high collision nature of these sports. These injuries range from muscle strains, ligament sprains and bruises, to fractures and head injuries.

A bruise or contusion is damage to small blood vessels which causes bleeding within the tissues. A muscle strain is a small tear of muscle fibres and a ligament sprain is a small tear of the ligament tissue. The body’s response to these sports injuries is the same in the initial five-day period immediately following the traumatic incident – inflammation.

Inflammation presents as pain, heat, localized swelling, redness and a loss of function. In this stage, we can offer you the advice needed to manage inflammation. 

Sports Injuries

When inflammation subsides, we can then offer you an accurate diagnosis or refer you elsewhere if a scan is needed. We can then start with effective treatment of the injury, specific strength and conditioning work, sport specific activities and drills to reinstate correct movement patterns and a return to play goal with specific tests to ensure you are ready to return.

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